Created 10-Nov-15
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One of the aspects of this image will be my utilization of marking space in 3d so that I can create accurate and plausible interaction.
In projects past I've utilized a single player to represent multiple characters of similar identity, but I'm moving the bar up for this one.
It's always been a challenge for to have a single player interact with themselves as an identical character.
Obviously, I'll use stand ins. But what happens is that when the stand in replaces the character, there is a loss of registration.
What I've experimented with is using laser light on adjustable and solid mechanisms to target places such as hands, shoulders, even lips, to make dead accurate registration for the stand in.

I intend to create interactions that have never been possible before with composited actual players. Movement and registration, etc.

The viewer will never appreciate what it takes to create these never before seen interactions, but this creation will be a new milestone in that regard.

Of course, the image will only be a success if it speaks to the viewer. Combining a compelling narrative with the never done before technical is where I have my head.