Created 8-May-17
Modified 8-May-17
Aloha NGs,
My most sincere mahalo for supporting my work. I know you'll make the most of your image files. Although the images look great on a screen, you’ll simply be mesmerized at how beautiful the images are in print.
My recommendation is to print all of them from the All full Sized Gallery full image 4”x6” prints. Costco is $.19 ea and so is the online lab linked to your gallery.

Lay them out side by side so you can get a sense of your favorites. Often, this can be a fun family experience.

Keep whittling them down until you get the best of the best. These are the images you’ll want to reproduce in large framed prints. You can take the files to Costco for metal, canvas or just large prints at reasonable prices. If you don’t want to travel back and forth, you can simply purchase them directly from your site, with comparable pricing, 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction.

There are several things that you should make note of that will be helpful to you.

  1. I've unlocked all your galleries for immediate direct downloads by you or anyone you authorize to do so, worldwide. (Authorization only requires your First Name)

  2. No watermarks

  3. You can opt to purchase guaranteed quality photographs directly from the site at the photographer’s price.

  4. You can easily share your photos with the site buttons to your favorite social media site.

  5. You can create a slideshow that you can also share online.

You're welcome to download any of the files on either gallery in part or whole as you wish, and as many times as you wish. Conveniently, you can direct anyone you choose to do the same for their purposes. The entire gallery is available for an entire year.

Here's how you can download files from the site:

  • click on any one of your galleries:

  • Upper right, click "select photos"

  • Upper left: "Select All"

  • Upper right: Select: "DOWNLOAD"

  • Your computer will either ask you where you want to put them on your machine, or download them to your default download directory.

  • They'll be a .zip file.. click on that file when the download is complete and it will blossom into your original resolution image/files.

If you have any issues at all, please contact me.


Make several disks or thumb drives and keep them in multiple safe locations.
These images need to be around in 200 years (at least!) Anticipate that as decades pass, your files may get lost or unknowingly discarded, mistakenly destroyed, or lost. It is incumbent upon YOU to make sure nothing gets in the way of their survival for multiple generations. In years to come, your family treasures will only increase in their family value.
In time, digital files on CDs and DVDs and thumb drives will certainly become obsolete. However, there will be machines available to read from these most popular digital mediums for many decades to come.
Keeping copies of your digital files safe and identifiable is an important concern.
It was a most blessed experience to meet you. You must know how good I feel that you have these images. I am humbled and wholly gratified that I have been able to contribute to something as wonderful as your family legacy.

Take good care of one another..
mahalo nui loa
Tim Orden
808 620-8876
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