Tim Orden's Hawaii Supermodels




Q: What is included in your "Daily Deal" type of offering?

A: These photoshoots are done at various locations, on the beaches of Oahu.

We determine where we'll photograph based on:

  • What is convenient for you,
  • How many and what ages in your group. 
  • I only book one shoot a day, at sunset.

Couples get at least 1 hour of working with me on set. 

Families get at least 1 1/2 hours of my "focus."

I only book one photoshoot a day.  Every family and couple shoot is produced at sunset time.  


Of course, it would be most difficult to make my living from  the photoshoot price of the daily  deals. The purpose of this "loss leader" is to make it very attractive for clients to book a photoshoot with me.  


Every shoot is produced with the intention of making the best, world class, magazine quality images that exist, anywhere, from anyone. I bring all my 40 years of practice and very sophisticated, supplemental illumination to the locations.  Every shoot requires additional multiple hours of computer time to create the most beautiful images.  I work as though I were getting paid ten times the price of the introductory offer.  There is no compromise in the quality of my work.  There is nothing "quick and dirty." about my work.  

I have every confidence, that once you see your photographs, you'll be compelled to purchase quality prints, the digital files, or both.  


I  do things the old fashioned way, "I earn your patronage." you simply need to be available to take advantage of it.



With the price of these shoots,  the customer gets a comlpimentary 8x10 and 2 4x6s of the image of their choice. Please understand that if that were all I were delivering, this offer would be quickly unsustainable.


Q: What are your prices for the various products you offer:


  • The best way to see the products offered online is to feign a purchase.  No credit card is necessary to click the buy button on any image in the galleries.
  • The entire photoshoot is available directly from me for $600 as a digital download.


Q: Do you offer any special discounts?

A: I do indeed!  For 10 days from the posting of your gallery all purchases are 30% off the regular price. I.E. Instead of $600, download of everything is only $400.  Thats a $200 savings  Gallery metallic 8x12s are less than $20 during the discount period. All photo prints and packages are 30% off during the discount period.


Q:How will I see the images from our photoshoot?

A: Usually within a week, I finish the editing/enhancements and post the images to a password protected gallery.  I email and/or text you to tell you when and how to access the gallery.


Q: How do I book an appointment?

A: The best way is to email me with your questions and availability. tim@timorden.com


Q: Where are your photoshoot locations?  

A: Here's the location info:

Only available with assistance or paid assistant:     Halona Beach

Gallery sample:

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Weather dependant and not always optimal sunset:          

Kualoa Beach Park

Gallery Sample

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Any day, always iconic set:    

Waikiki near Hilton Lagoon  

Gallery Sample

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Week ends: highly good chances of a spectacular sunset

Maili Beach

Gallery Sample



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Week ends: Secret Beach  (shhhhh)

Gallery Sample


View Secret Beach from Beach Villas in a larger map

View Tim Orden Beach Photoshoots in a larger map



Q: How should I contact you, Tim?

A: There are three ways, all of them get my immediate attention: