Only $100 booking - shoot fee


Some things are priceless. 

Your life in Hawaii with your family,  your life with your loved one is not a perfect life, but it's your life, and you want it commemorated. My vision is to reflect the beauty of your being with my photography.  With 40 years of doing what I do,  I've developed a style that you can't find anywhere in Hawaii.  I make photographs that show not only how terrific you look, but also how wonderful your life in Hawaii feels. My photographs are about how it feels. Portraiture in Hawaii by Tim OrdenMorphis FamilyCan you feel it?


Priceless has a price.  I do the very same level of work whether it's an International magazine or your portraits. But for a lot less than what I charge a publication, you can get my very best work.


Rate for families:

Sunset, only one shoot a day.


  • Required 1.5-2 hours of shoot time
  • All variety of group combinations and requested single portraits
  • Approx. 3-5 set and lighting changes
  • 3-4 hours of post production, computer enhancements
  • Data DVD delivered within 2 weeks.
  • Online custom print purchases available.
  • Your gallery can be shared worldwide.
  • Guaranteed to your satisfaction.



In the tradition of classic Hollywood portraiture, I control the illumination. Unlike the photographers of today, I don't just show up with my camera and a flash. 


Tim OrdenCameraZOOM-20130717172112617

 I carry about 100 pounds of equipment to every portrait shoot. Basically, I bring a studio to the location. I control the light, I control the photographic environment.  My My subjects never sit through sun in their eyes, because it never is.  





I scrutinize and tweak every photograph you will see. Each photograph receives the very same attention I give for fashion magazine assignments.

before Tim Orden retouching130716-520 After Tim Orden retouching130716-521






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Booking fee for families up to 5                                                                $80

Note that for a period of about 10 days after I post your gallery, the published prices are discounted by 30%.


Individual image/files and prints

8x12 custom prints:  

5x7   custom prints:  

single digital files:    

less 30% during initial 10 day discount period.

Many other photo products are offered.

Entire edited shoot via direct download
$400 (discounted price)

CD production and mailing      $100

Beyond standard 2 hour retouching
 (per hr.)

I want your business, I do everything I can to make it easy for you to have the photographs that speak of how wonderful your life is, right now.






Commercial work for jewelry company.562649_10150675310686845_717831844_9617897_1726247575_n



Commercial and event photography:


Half day - 4 hours (minimum)                    $800

Full day  - 10 hours w 2 30 min breaks     $1200


Does not include::

  • Post production retouching  $100 hour
  • pre-production
  • necessary rentals
  • additional crew/talent
  • craft services






As always, the work is guaranteed to your satisfaction.


Availability is limited. Book your photoshoot NOW!